So like so much else going on, the Podcast has been disrupted by the Coronavirus and the precautionary measures put in place.

About a month ago, we were gearing up to begin releasing, longer, more regional podcasts on a variety of topics.

Guests were lined up, everything was in place.

Then as the precautionary measures expanded, the studio was closed to visitors and everything was put on hold.

But the first one had been recorded, where I had an interesting conversation with Music Promoter and producer Matt Isley and his Dangerously Biased bandmate Sophi Thompson.

They had a record release show planned, for their first EP self-titled, but like the longer podcasts that show was scrapped.

But they released the album anyway, and even though everybody’s plans changed, I still had this awesome conversation in the can.

So in the old tradition the show must go on, we put the podcast together, with a little tweaking, and present it here to you.

The album really is amazing, I highly recommend you check it out. You can find all the information on their website

With a little luck, they will be back on the road soon, where you can hear their music the best way possible, live.

As the bigger podcast project, hoping to get that rolling soon for you so keep an eye out, get subscribed to the podbean service to get the latest notifications, follow us on facebook and twitter.

Or you can continue to get all of our content through Hays Post as well.



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